TOP 3 ON-THE-GO ESSENTIALS #beautyinbalancegiveaway
by Nicole Darabi on Saturday, October 15th, 2016

We all live crazy busy lives these days running from place to place. Here are three products that help me keep my sanity while I do my best to life a healthy, active lifestyle.


Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water which is why I stress to all my clients the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day. The benefits of water are mind blowing and without it our bodies shut down. Water keeps our digestion system moving, helps clear skin, keeps you feeling full, and prevents muscles from tiring. You’ll never catch me leaving my house without my ginormous 40 oz Hydroflask. It keeps my water cold all day and because it’s so large I don’t have to worry about refilling it a thousand times a day. I’m also a big believer in cutting down on waste so reusable water bottles are key! Go check out all the fun colors they offer at


You can schedule and plan all you want but inevitably a monkey wrench will be thrown your way; a meeting runs longer than expected, your kids practice doesn’t leave you time to grab food, or you’re out running errands all day long. Now what? If you’ve been following me on Instagram or on my blog then you know the importance I place on having the majority of my meals prepped and ready to go for my day ahead. If your goal is to eat healthier then you must be prepared. Wishing to be more organized doesn’t work unless you put your intentions into action. I’ve been relying on my Fitmark bag for years to help me keep my meals organized and readily available for life’s unpredictability.


I mean c’mon, could there be a more genius product on the market for us, ladies? How many times a day are we rushing from the gym, to work, to family gatherings with those darn hair-ties around our wrists? Rather than cutting off circulation to our poor hands we can now wear our hair ties with a little style. Total score for best two-in-one product in my book!

According to a previous post on my IG account, these super functional bracelets were extremely popular with you ladies. So, to celebrate the ONE YEAR anniversary of MY BLOG I’m going to give away one Maria Shireen bracelet to one of you lucky gals!

To enter, Follow @nicoleGdarabi on Instagram, find this corresponding give-a-way post by searching for #beautyinbalancegiveaway, tag a friend in the comments who would be interested in learning about finding the beauty in balance. I have written down a number ahead of time on a piece of paper. If that number corresponds with the order in which you have posted, you win and will be contacted for shipping information to receive your bracelet. (For example, if the number I have written down is 28, and you are the 28th person to post on the Instagram post, you win!) You must be a follower on Instagram. Can you believe it has been a year!? Good Luck!

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