Meet Our Fat Cat Leo
by Nicole Darabi on Monday, September 28th, 2015

Yeah I know, you guys probably think it’s weird that I’m writing about my cat but as most of us know, when you don’t have children your animals become your furr-kids . I mean honestly, how can you resist that freckled heart shaped nose of his!

Almost 10 years ago I adopted this orange fluff ball from a friend, which also happened to be the same week I was set up with my husband on blind date. Nima (my future hubby) grew up in Iran where cats are typically not kept as pets so I’m sure he was skeptical at first. That skepticism didn’t last long and they quickly became best buds. Leo was an absolute spaz as a kitten! As most new couples do, we would snuggle on my couch at night, and out of the corner of our eyes a ball of fuzz would come bouncing and squirreling across the living room floor. We knew we had quite the character on our hands.

Isn’t it funny how such a simple creature can bring so much joy into our lives? Leo greets us every night at the door with a long meow and the “you better pet me right now” look. Often times I’ll get a little love bite if I don’t drop everything and pay complete attention to him….can you say spoiled? I guess he’s reminding me to slow down and relish the small moments of life.

Last year Leo gave us quite the scare and ended up spending a week at our local emergency pet hospital, Dove Lewis. The poor guy was so blocked up with bladder stones that he had to go in for emergency surgery…I’ll spare you the details but you can imagine how painful that must have been. It was the first time Nima and I realized our little kitty was showing his age and that we might not have him in our lives much longer. I’ve never cried that much in my entire life…thank god that I have a wonderful support system! It was touch and go for a while but our chubby lovable cat pulled through and we make sure to snuggle him close every night.

Get ready to see Leo make appearances on my blog and social media a lot…he’s a crowd favorite on instagram.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Our Fat Cat Leo

    • Nicole Darabi on

      I have plenty of pictures of him trying to eat my food while I’m taking pics, haha!

  1. Teri Meyer on

    Leo is absolutely adorable…I have never seen a cuter nose on a cat before!

    Thanks for sharing these photos, the joy he gives is completely understandable…

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