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by Nicole Darabi on Friday, September 4th, 2015

nicole-darabi-blogI was the kid that was into every single sport as a youngster and then graduated into track and field in high school as a sprinter.

Every day, I deliver a fresh dose of energy and positivity trying my best to be what a modern woman with a healthy lifestyle looks like, acts like and sounds like. I’m thrilled to report that people have taken notice!

With a dual career as a fitness model and salon owner the past ten years (Alchemy Hair Studio) the clients who frequented my chair witnessed first hand what fitness and nutrition can do.  Four years ago, I shifted my energy toward yet another challenge by competing in the body building circuit. It slowly became a lifestyle. The salon gave me a podium of sorts to talk about fitness and nutrition with my inquiring clients.

foodprepMy food prep techniques & planning are focused around cooking for the week in bulk on Sundays. I learned this method from competing. The love for cooking has always been present in my life, so when my friends, family and clients wanted to learn more, it triggered my initial vision. I posted on Facebook that I would host a food prep class at my home and got 75 RSVP’s the first day! GULP.  Realizing that I could not accommodate those numbers, I reached out to friends to discuss the idea of creating a YouTube channel to reach more people. After some market research and collaboration, the channel is in production and will be released soon.

nimaandnicMy approach to fitness seems to be easily digestible to the masses because I work full time, I enjoy my personal time with my husband Nima, (whom I met on a blind date in 2006) and I have achieved balance: what so many women strive for.

Although I am an athlete, there’s always room for a glass of wine or a cocktail and taking time away from the gym for a drive in wine country. I enjoy trail running, hiking through waterfalls, paddle boarding on the river and finding new adventures on vacation. When you live in a beautiful country, there is no reason to be in the gym all the time.

nicole-darabi-yoga-travelI have focused more on creating life balance while incorporating fun and creative workouts. I came to know yoga and mediation last year which helped me to achieve even more balance and connection with my body. I love gardening (but I’m not that great at it whilst trying to live up to my mom’s green thumb.)

Surrounding yourself with active girlfriends is part of my secret. I have a bunch of badass women surrounding me. We constantly push each other to reach new fitness goals and try new activities inside and outside the gym.

10897972_703178559804013_919523084423410812_nToggling between clean eating and flexible clean eating, I believe in creating a plan that you can stick with for the long haul, while avoiding cleanses, detoxes and quick fixes. I have always loved incorporating ethnic foods and ingredients into my meal plans stemming from my Puerto Rican/Sicilain heritage with added Persian flavor from my sweet husband. I enjoy Greek and Asian recipes which has allowed me to be creative in a new way. Because I live in Portland Oregon, yes a cold beer or good glass of wine is still on the menu!

fattyleo1My tell-it-like-it-is dialog makes me easy to relate to (or so I am told) and my YouTube channel includes everything that people ask me on a regular basis. I share everything from what I eat, to work out ideas and photos of my crowd pleasing fat cat Leo. I swear that fur-ball gets more likes on social media than anyone! Something you would never guess: If the lights are out in the room, I still run and jump on the bed!

Remember, it’s YOU vs. YOU!

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One thought on “Meet Nicole Darabi

  1. diane Kamali on

    What a beautifully designed and informational blog you’ve created! Your positive energy comes through completely!
    Think I’m going to try your sweet potato/egg white breakfast!

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