KIDS: Eating and Fitness // Teaching them how to cook and what healthy eating looks like.
by Nicole Darabi on Monday, September 14th, 2015

Cooking eggs with Aunt Tootie! Don’t ask me how my sweet niece came up with that nickname for me. I think it’s adorable and I made her promise to always call me that no matter how old she gets. 😉 Layla is already a master in the kitchen thanks to her Momma who also loves to cook!

Her favorite thing to cook is: Pancakes
Age she started to help mom cook: 2 years old, impressive!
Her favorite daily (weekly?) physical activities: Eating decadent food. (I mean physical activity Layla, lol!) Ballet and dance. This kid is too funny!

Speaking of kids cooking, have you seen Rachel vs. Guy Kids Cook-off?

Did you know that Portland Culinary Workshops hosts classes for Kids?!

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