#FitTipTuesday – Women + Weight Training
by Nicole Darabi on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

This week I am extra proud to feature my friend & brother from another Mother @greek_spartan (AKA Andreas Papas) as he explains the benefits of weight training for women. Listen up ladies! 👂🏼

✨If you’re female & you’re not weight training you’re missing out on so many positive benefits.

• The only way to get that “toned” look is to build some muscle & lose body fat. This is where strength training reigns supreme over cardio any day! There is no doubt that women NEED weight training to be healthy and strong long term. 🏋🏻‍♀️

Weight training:
✅ Increases bone strength & reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
✅ Increases lean body mass, optimized metabolism, hormones, & decreases body fat
✅ Can aid in improving one’s self image, self-esteem, & self-confidence.

• You’ll often see men lifting weights & women hopping on cardio machines 🙅🏻

• The fact is men do start with more muscle & strength than women, however relative short strength gains actually tend to be higher in women.

• Let’s take in to account that females only produce around 5-10% as much testosterone as men. But it’s not the only hormone that plays a role. Let’s also not forget the powerful anabolic force that estrogen possesses in muscle tissue.

• Genetics play a big role, hence the reason some men can grown muscle more easily and some can’t, & the same applies for women.

• The majority of women respond very well to resistance training & respond especially well to higher rep training.

• You think women aren’t meant for weight training, well they are & can possibly handle more than men.

• Muscle & strength gains longterm may be similar for both men & women. In fact longterm rates of strength gains may be slightly higher in women!

• The outcomes of strength training for men and women are very similar at the end of the day.

• Women are in fact maybe a little better than us in many ways. They have higher recovery capacity & ability to tolerate greater training frequency, volume, & recover better between sets. It may even be that women might have the upper hand. (Ya heard that right!) 🙌🏼

• Pound for pound women K.O. the male Not so much in upper body but lower body they’ll give me a run for their money.

• Bottom line – women are meant for weight training. Strength is your key to build the body you want. Slow down on the cardio & not the weights.

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