How to enjoy holidays, parties & those relaxed summer vibes without guilt
by Nicole Darabi on Thursday, June 30th, 2016


Summer is in full swing and I’m almost positive many of our calendars are already filled with BBQ’s, wedding’s, and other fun social events. Don’t panic! Here are some tips to stay on track with your goals while still having a bit of fun. It is summer time after all. 😉


So, you’ve committed to eating healthier. You’ve got a plan in place and you’re on a roll then, bam! 4th of July is here and summer is about to kick into high gear. Panic sets in and your mind is a whirlwind of thoughts, “I have so many parties to go to, what am I going to eat, can I even have a cocktail, what if people judge me for not eating?”

First of all, take a deep breath and chill out! Below are some tips to help you stay the course with your goals and healthy lifestyle choice while allowing yourself to still have fun and enjoy those relaxed summer vibes.

1. Find an excuse to be active
This is numero uno to me. I myself am a little type A and like to workout first thing in the morning. (In all honestly if I don’t get it done in the morning it’s not happening.)
I always tell clients to schedule it into their day like they would an important meeting. Find a workout buddy, a group class, go on a hike, anything to keep you active and moving! Don’t pay attention to the running regimen that Jane likes if you hate running…the goal here is to find what YOU like to do and keep it interesting!

2. Be mindful
If you wouldn’t normally go balls to the wall with cookies, fried foods, and 5 margaritas why would you now? Don’t focus and obsess so much on the food. Enjoy your time with friends and family and know that it’s okay to indulge a little here and there. Just don’t use a holiday or season as as excuse to go overboard and ruin all you hard work.

3. Eat before you go
If you are unsure what types of foods will be at the event you’re attending it’s smart to eat a nutrient dense meal before you head out the door. (Think Protein, complex carb, healthy fat) If you’re full beforehand it leaves less chance that you’ll want to ravenously devour any unhealthy treats floating around. I will say however, I’m from the mindset of being “flexible” within your plan. If you are committed to your lifestyle one meal or drink will not throw you off. It’s okay to have healthy moderation, I promise!

4. Bring a healthy dish to a party
This is the perfect opportunity to bring and share a healthy recipe that you can enjoy while staying on plan.

5. Drink up!
Water, water, water! It’s so easy for us to get dehydrated especially in the summertime. I like to load up on water all day before my event. Did you really think I was going to say no alcohol? No way! I would definitely say go light on the alcohol consumption and try to drink a full glass of water in between drinks. This is real life people and like many of you I like my wine and cocktails and I can fully enjoy them because I practice self discipline 80- 90% of the time. There’s no reason you can’t have a drink here and there in moderation, just remember to mindful.

6. Be present
Relax and don’t worry about what needs to be done. (Easier said than done, I get it!)
Enjoy your friends, family, the sunshine, a glass of wine – heck maybe two! Be present, don’t beat yourself up for indulging a little, and most importantly enjoy your life.

“One cheat meal won’t make you fat, just like one clean meal won’t make you lean.

You’ve got to practice self discipline. To have more “on” days than “off” days.
The key is to find your healthy moderation, enjoy your life, and meet your goals.

You CAN have both!”

~ Kelsey Byers

Grab a workout partner! Here’s a fun workout for you to try before you head out to your 4th of July BBQ’s

Download my favorite Tabata timer app:

Tabata Intervals: 8 Sets / 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest REPEAT 4-5 TIMES

Chest Wall pass w/ball (20sec on 10sec off – 8 sets etc…)
Kettle Bell Swing
Burpees (hee, hee, hee!)
Front squat into Shoulder Press

Rest 1-2 minutes and repeat set 4-5 rounds total…. Prepare to get schweaty!

Remember, it’s YOU vs. YOU!

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