Nicole’s Top 6 Books

NICOLE’S TOP 6 BOOKS: The Inspiration, Influence and Impact list I always end each blog post with “Remember, it’s you vs. you” and nothing speaks to that more than seeing the progress I have personally made over the past ten years Read more ›


  Something to remember as we head into the weekend… Girlfriends, Mothers, Wives, Aunts, Sisters – You only get one YOU! As women we feel constant pressure to be and do everything for everyone else with grace, perfection, and finesse. Read more ›


Nutrition for female teenage athletes NUTRITION AND TEENS Back in September I had the pleasure of hosting these cutie-pies in my kitchen for a nutrition seminar. We all know teens don’t always show the most enthusiasm towards anything labeled “healthy,” Read more ›

I want to look like her

You say you want a better body but do you want a better complete package?  Mind, body and soul are connected. Picture this:  A woman sits down for her first meeting with her nutritionist or personal trainer to discuss goals Read more ›

Nutrition Agnostic

Let’s face it! We all get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right meal plan or diet philosophy that suites our needs. We are constantly bombarded with the latest fads, evil foods to avoid, or the promise that some Read more ›

Food Prep…The Nitty Gritty

If you have started reading my blog and your head is spinning thinking “okay, all of these recipes in bulk are great, but where the heck do I start with this whole meal prep thing?” Never fear my food prepping Read more ›

Little Surfer Girl

Am I the only one who hears the theme song to Jaws playing over and over in my head when swimming in open water? Last week I finally conquered my fear of deep water and the possibility of losing a Read more ›

Meet Our Fat Cat Leo

Yeah I know, you guys probably think it’s weird that I’m writing about my cat but as most of us know, when you don’t have children your animals become your furr-kids . I mean honestly, how can you resist that Read more ›