Healthy Halibut with Olives & Lemon

I’m here to admit, I had a huge phobia about cooking fish. It’s intimidating right?  I feared over cooking it, undercooking it or ending up with a disgusting gelatinous mess. But…the health benefits of fish far outweighed my fear so Read more ›

#FitTipTuesday – Meal Prep

Meal Prep – hollaaaaaaaa! 🙌🏼 Did you really think I’d let a Fit Tip Tuesday pass without talking about the importance of meal prep. No way josè’! 💃🏻 Weekly meal prep is an instrumental part of living a healthy lifestyle Read more ›


Salad prep for the week. Hello life with a baby! I have found one of the main challenges with my new schedule is eating enough throughout the day (something I know you Moms out there can totally relate to) and Read more ›

Perfect Boiled Eggs

Eggs are naturally gluten-free and have 6 grams of high-quality protein to help us sustain mental and physical energy throughout the day.  Eggs contain zero carbs and no sugar…ya for high nutrient density! Eggs have all 9 essential amino acids Read more ›

Ask Nicole

“Hi Nicole! I have a question and I know you are the right person to ask based on your blog (love it!) I just cut my hair and it’s too short for a pony tail now.  I love my new cut Read more ›

Nicole’s Top 6 Books

NICOLE’S TOP 6 BOOKS: The Inspiration, Influence and Impact list I always end each blog post with “Remember, it’s you vs. you” and nothing speaks to that more than seeing the progress I have personally made over the past ten years Read more ›

Sweet Potato Nachos

Raise your hand if you like nachos! If you didn’t, what is WRONG with you?! Maybe I can change your mind with this interesting escape from what we traditionally think of when we hear “nachos.”  One bite and I guarantee Read more ›


The roller coaster ride of infertility and trying to get pregnant. I’m taking a moment to pause my writing about food prepping to share a more personal story with all of you. Come sit around the camp fire with me. Read more ›


  Something to remember as we head into the weekend… Girlfriends, Mothers, Wives, Aunts, Sisters – You only get one YOU! As women we feel constant pressure to be and do everything for everyone else with grace, perfection, and finesse. Read more ›

Persian Mason Jar Salad

MASON JAR SALAD….A different type of meal prep container How to make beautiful and healthy Mason jar salad After putting up a strong resistance, I finally succumbed to the mason jar salad trend. I don’t know why exactly I was Read more ›


Guess what? The day is finally here: I’ll officially be accepting private nutrition clients. There. I said it. Out-loud. Starting February 1st, I will be working with a limited number of clients. I’m also busy working on some exciting new Read more ›


Healthy sweet potato soufflé Still panicking about what bring for Thanksgiving dinner? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Sweet potato side dishes are an absolute staple item on dinner tables this time of year but often they are full of Read more ›


Nutrition for female teenage athletes NUTRITION AND TEENS Back in September I had the pleasure of hosting these cutie-pies in my kitchen for a nutrition seminar. We all know teens don’t always show the most enthusiasm towards anything labeled “healthy,” Read more ›

I want to look like her

You say you want a better body but do you want a better complete package?  Mind, body and soul are connected. Picture this:  A woman sits down for her first meeting with her nutritionist or personal trainer to discuss goals Read more ›

Deconstructed Taco

Add this deconstructed taco recipe to your food prep repertoire. It’s fast and extremely easy to assemble for those times when you’re short on time and you need a quick food prep session. We all love tacos (right?) but taco Read more ›

Certified ISSA Fitness Nutritionist

Apparently I overlooked blogging about one very important piece of information about myself. Back in February I passed my Fitness Nutrition Certification! I must have been so relieved and excited at the same time that it completely slipped my mind Read more ›

Power Green Juice

Everyone in Portland is walking around with these fancy cold pressed juices but they are lacking one important ingredient. PROTEIN! Hey, I’m all for fruit and veggies too, but with no protein you’re basically sipping on a very expensive cup Read more ›

Nutrition Agnostic

Let’s face it! We all get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right meal plan or diet philosophy that suites our needs. We are constantly bombarded with the latest fads, evil foods to avoid, or the promise that some Read more ›