About Nicole Darabi

Formerly a competitive body builder, I am a blogger and nutrition coach with my own adapted food prep techniques & bulk cooking recipes. My approach to fitness is easily digestible to the masses because I include real life talk on new Mommy-hood, Hashimoto’s disease and other challenges that women face today on the path to health and fitness.

I surround myself with a bunch of badass women that are my tribe. We constantly push each other to reach new fitness goals, support each other as entrepreneurs and mothers.

Toggling between clean eating and flexible clean eating whilst incorporating ethnic foods and ingredients into my meal plans, I believe in finding a method that you can stick with for the long haul, while avoiding cleanses, detoxes and quick fixes. Because I live in Portland Oregon, yes a cold beer or good glass of wine is still on the menu!

My tell-it-like-it-is dialog makes me easy to relate to and my social media platform posts address everything that people ask me on a regular basis. I share what I eat, work out ideas and photos of my crowd pleasing daughter and fat cat Leo.

I deliver a fresh dose of energy and positivity aiming for balance: what so many women strive for.